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On Tuesday morning, October 4, the Public Information Office of Pasig went about its morning routine, issuing the usual traffic advisory on its Facebook account.

Except it wasn’t the usual traffic advisory from the diligent socials team of the Pasig P.I.O.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 2.04.01 PM

Is there now a wide smile across your face? Did you just remember your favorite sosy friend befriending Manong Fishball at 4am in TxF? Or how awfully cute your colehiyala crush is when she gets flustered in traffic?

Instead of the usual scowl and the metaphorical flapping of the bird that advisories of moderate to heavy traffic often get, this one earned positive attention, getting harmlessly ribbed my netizens who couldn’t hide their aliw about the update.

“Grabe talaga the graba that caused the traffic,” goes one commenter. “Is the graba there pa,” asked another. “I totes hate graba. They’re like the worst,” proclaims yet another.

After three hours, one funny and helpful lad updated the advisory on the comment: “Hi guys, the graba that tumapon isn’t there anymore. Just got past the spot as in 3 mins ago.”

MB Life got in touch with the Pasig P.I.O. office to commend them and also to ask if they have a new colehiya hire on staff. They have not gotten back to us just yet.

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