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Meet the Chicken Consummé with Chrysanthemum Tofu and Matsutake Mushroom from Lung Hin of Marco Polo Ortigas.


That lush-looking flower is actually tofu, made to look like not just like any other flower but a chrysanthemum. One that looks gracefully floating in the middle of the pond that is the clear chicken consummé.

If it looks painstakingly meticulous to you, that’s because it is.

According to Angelo Garcia of Manila Bulletin, “the consommé itself took almost 10 hours to make, cooking different chicken parts separately.” With prep time and everything, the dish tips over the 10-hour mark.

Uh huh, a well-deserved “woah.”

The consommé is just one of the many new dishes that Lung Hin recently previewed to herald its new chef, Raymond Yeung.

Raymond, who won the Hofex 2009 Hong Kong International Culinary Classic Gold Award, underwent training at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute (CCTI), the culinary school that the Chinese government operates to hone Chinese master chefs in the techniques and disciplines of Chinese cuisine.

He has 26 years of kitchen experience, ten of which were spent working abroad in different companies.

All of this is evident in his line of dishes. Like the consommé, his steamed king prawn with steamed egg also easily earned a second look — or taste — among the hotel’s guests, as did the Fried rice with asparagus and five-spice pork.

We don’t know about you, but we’re looking at Lung Hin for our Sunday lunch agenda.


Steamed king prawn with steamed egg


Fried rice with asparagus and five spiced pork


Lung Hin, 44/F, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila;; Facebook; Instagram

[H/T Manila Bulletin]
Chicken Consomme photo from Instagram/Ching Dee
Other food photos from Manila Bulletin

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