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It’s become a staple on Facebook these days: hateful political rants of all color have littered what was once a playground for food porn, wanderlust, and dogs. And it’s downright annoying; depressing at best. These people are our friends! How could they fall for thaaat?

Thankfully, there’s an app to help you deal with that.


Hide That Post! Facebook Filter will let any Chrome user filter their feeds. Download the add-on and it will allow you to list words and phrases that you would like to hide from your timelines.

They have to be comma-separated, so your list may look something like: cat, extrajudicial killings, sex video.

Posts containing these words will remain hidden from your Facebook feed until you clear them or change the list.

But here’s the thing: If you put, say, cat, on your filtered list, anything with “cat” in them will be filtered out, too. So you won’t see words like “catatonic,” “Catanduanes,” and “catch” on your feed. So be careful.

Thankfully, you can make exemptions. Say, you listed “extrajudicial killings” in your list of words to be filtered, but you’d still want to get legit updates on the matter. Listing say, Manila Bulletin in the exclusions field will allow you to see Manila Bulletin stories that mention “extrajudicial killings.”

Nifty, right? Happy Friday to you, too!

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