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We still can’t believe it. The recently-concluded ManilArt is already the art fair’s eighth edition. Held annually in October, the art fair is easily considered the country’s biggest. Why wouldn’t it? Year after year, ManilArt has grown bigger and better, always presenting something new on the table.


Below are four things that made ManilArt 2016 its biggest outing yet.

1. The walking tour ManilArt had on offer for students. This year, ManilArt made sure they reached new audiences and taught them the value of art. How? By introducing a walking art tour to some 900 high school students from Taguig. “We are trying to introduce art appreciation, because once they start with art appreciation, then there’s a liking, and when they grow up, they will collect and buy later on. They have to understand art, the expression of art, the language of art,” ManilArt director Tess Reyes Del Sol tells Ana Valenzuela of Manila Bulletin.

2. Indigenous art that was beautifully represented this year. Among the new museums and galleries that joined this year’s ManilArt was Shambala Living Museum. Located in Silang, Cavite, Shambala showcased its rich collection of indigenous art pieces. Danny Rayos del Sol, this year’s overall curator, explains that “indigenous people are not doing it for the sake of art but because they are functional. We look at it as art but they are functional pieces.”

3. Galleries and museums from around the region were present. Galleries from Singapore and Korea were present and they caused quite a stir. Ruan Hn Kim, director of Busan-based 1st.iKon, was very much surprised and pleased at the high level of interest that Filipinos displayed for the glass-made corduroy-like shirts and the 3D fruits sponge-painted over layers of plexiglass art pieces they put on display.

4. The Madhatter’s Party. Explore #Manilart2016 on Instagram and images inspired by the infamousAlice in Wonderland party take center stage. Art-embellished pink walls surround the intricately set-up long table, which holds tea spells, playing cards wildly leaping out of teacups, corners of mushrooms, and the like. No wonder this became the easy favorite!

Photo: Pinggot Valenzuela/Manila Bulletin

H/T: Manila Bulletin

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