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The second US presidential debate was said to be an ugly, dirty affair. It started with Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton not shaking hands, and proceeded jabs left and right, the most unrelenting being Trump’s “because you’ll be in jail” comment directed to Hilary.

And as soon as the debate ended Monday morning Manila time, memes started surfacing on Facebook.

In most of them, the two Presidential candidates were depicted as…singers performing a duet, like this video circulating heavily on line. Cute and funny, no?

But doesn’t this line from Parokya ni Edgar’s “Yes Yes Show” make even better sense?

We’re looking for the genius who made this meme. It’s been shared on our newsfeed too many times, we can’t locate and give proper credits to the rightful person. Whoever you are, please get in touch and take a bow. You made our day!


Credit goes to the owner of the photo

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