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Below dear friends are the just some of the amazing doughnuts awaiting you this weekend at the Serendra location of Cupcakes by Sonja.


Cupcakes by Sonja is throwing a weekend-long doughnut party from October 14 to October 16 because just like that, the pastry brand that revolutionized cupcakes and made red velvet our favorite flavor is turning 10 years old.

Ten, dear God. Where did time go?!

Well, we can all ponder on that as we wait in line for a box of Homer Simpson’s favorite food.

There are 12 remarkable flavors that should usher in a heady indecision — from the usual and expected vanilla bean and strawberry cheesecake to varieties that have never been associated to doughnuts like toasted rice (what?!) and cacao e pepe.

Of course what’s a Sonja celebration without its signature cupcakes, right? You can expect these sweet little treats there, too.

Happy 10th birthday, Cupcakes by Sonja! Here’s to another ten!

Photo: Cupcakes by Sonja/IG

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