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Celebrity-favorite Bob Nicolas finally released his seven-minute video edit of Cristalle Bello and Justin Pitt’s wedding over the weekend, and truth be told, we can’t stop watching it.


It opens with an arresting sequence — the camera speeding to a close-up of the couple, illuminated only by the natural Como light from window — and immediately you are hooked.

But apart from the gorgeous couple, the bride’s immaculate march, the much Instagrammed sunset boat ride of the newly weds, and the much talked about Lake Como setting, several other elements had us contributing to the 16,800 views that the video has received as of Sunday afternoon.

There’s the precious appearance of Scarlett Snow Belo in a bright yellow dress at the 4:25-minute mark and the bride’s brother, film director Quark Henares who, totally went out of his goofy persona and recited Neruda’s Sonnet 17 with such formal seriousness.

The Italians singing opera during one of the receptions is something you’d think you’ll only see in the movies, and that “wildest boat ride ever.” Admit it, you also wished to be a part of.

What we loved best though are these three things: (1) Cristalle emphasizing “you” in the “to cleave to you and you only” part of her vows while looking at Justin, (2) the groom’s wide grin when they were pronounced husband and wife at the 6:06-minute mark, and (3) all the sweet kisses—so many of them—peppering the 7:30-long video.

Yup, we can watch it again and again and again.

Beautiful Wedding of Cristalle Belo Henares and Justin Pitt in Lake Como, Italy from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

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