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While job-hunting has joined the digital fray with HR department and job hunters preferring LinkedIn, Kalibrr and Jobstreet, nothing beats the experience of physically distributing your CV to possible employers.

Especially when you’re someone like Lukas Yla, who knows the power (i.e. the sensory experience) that an actual paper holds.


Lukas is the 25-year-old genius who put his resume inside a box of donuts, pretended to be a deliveryman, and distributed them to 40 companies around San Francisco in California.

Proving he’s quite the marketing pro, Lukas managed to become a viral sensation on top of nabbing 10 interviews in the process.

On Monday morning, October 17, Lukas told MB Life that he’s narrowed down his job search to two companies.“I am not in a hurry and I want to be sure that I have chosen the right company,” he said over Facebook Messenger. “Cultural fit and career development are both important for me and potential employers.”

According to AdWeek, he bought the donuts at downtown favorite Mr. Holmes Bakeshop. He then inserted a well-designed note inside that read “Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.”

Lukas is from Lithuania who moved to California because he felt stuck in his comfort zone. “How far can I go in a city where competition is much tougher, where I know no one? I don’t have work experience in USA, and probably I will need to start all over again,” Lukas tells

Ingenious, isn’t he?


Photos: Lukas Yla

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