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Truth be told, we thought Scarlet’s charm would wear off by now.

It’s been five months since Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho dropped the bomb and introduced to the world their one-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo.


Scarlet was 100 per cent theirs, Dra. Vicky clarified then, and was conceived via in vitro fertilization. The fertilized egg was then implanted to the uterus of a surrogate, an American-Mexican woman who gave birth in March 2015.

After the hoopla, we’re still as charmed as ever. Every day on Instagram, somebody would share a photo or a video of Scarlet, and we’d fall in love with her all over again.

Below are nine cute videos of the adorable little girl that are sure to pick you up on this dreary Wednesday. You’re welcome!

1. When Scarlet showed us how to do the shake dance, and immediately she shaked off all the nega vibes around us.


2. When Scarlet amused herself saying “boom boom boom,” and we get amused too.

And don't forget! Always end your day with gratitude in your heart and a smile on your face! #TeamSnowyBear are happy people!

A video posted by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on


3. When Scarlet was asked what the rooster says, and she answered complete with sound effects.


4. When Scarlet demonstrated helpfulness, and we wonder, how can we become better today?


5. When Scarlet showed us that the show always must go on, no matter what.


6. Her tiger staaare!


7. That time Scarlet fearlessly held a snake, and we died a little

People, can you please please help me convince daddy to let me bring this pet home? I already have a name for him: "Noodles" 🐍

A video posted by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on


8. When Scarlet put cologne all over herself and we realize we need to take better care of ourselves


9. That time Scarlet had fun lifting weights and we think, we need to get the same attitude back


Header photo: Ivy Jimenez/Instagram

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