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The good news is: You’re over the hard part. You’re finally eating your vegetables.

The only thing left to do really is to make sure they’re clean AF and free from chemicals. Pesticides, after all, are still being widely used these days.


But don’t worry. It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, and neither will it entail effort as huge as liking your ampalaya.

Below are three simple ways to better, cleaner eating:

1. Boil, broil, or grill your vegetables. Heat will definitely destroy whatever is left of the pesticide in your greens.

2. Mix liquid detergent and water. According to Agriculture genius Zac Sarian, mixing 10 drops of liquid detergent into one liter of water can reduce insecticide residues of up to 88 per cent! Just make sure, you rinse the vegetables in running tap water after the detergent wash.

3. Make a vinegar wash. If the idea of using liquid detergent with your veggies grosses you out, use vinegar instead. Mix two teaspoons into four cups of water and soak your vegetables for two minutes. Would you believe it can remove residues by up to 80 per cent?!

It’s all too easy, right?

[H/T Manila Bulletin]

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