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On Wednesday, October 19, a police van in the Philippines rammed and run over some of the left-wing protesters at a rally in front of the US Embassy on Roxas Boulevard in Manila.


Protesters gathered in front of the embassy demanding the end the presence of US troops in the country.

It was when they hurled red paint onto a US government seal that a confrontation with the police ensued. Which is when the van plowed through the crowd and chased after them from Roxas Boulevard to Kalaw Street. According to Minority alliance Sandugo, which staged the protest, their program was about to end when Col. Marcelino Pedroso of the Manila Police District allegedly green-lighted the violent dispersal.

Reports have it at least 50 were injured and 31 arrested.

“Police said the protesters were hitting them and trying to break their mobile car,” reports Jaime R. Aberia on Manila Bulletin.

President Rodrigo Duterte who is out of the country for a state visit to China, refused to start the blame game, preferring instead to wait for the official report. He planned to make calls on Wednesday night to get the low-down of the story.

We don’t know about you, but running people over just to get them to stop hitting the vehicle sounds wrong in too many levels. They are the police for crying out all. They should’ve had the cooler heads.

Anyway, watch the violent video below and see for yourselves.

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