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A Taste of Hong Kong is the three-part travel show on TLC that will make you book plane tickets to Asia’s World City stat.

Hosted by Hong Kong-based chef Christian Yang and The World’s Most Traveled Man Ian Wright, A Taste of Hong Kong takes viewers in and around iconic restaurants, hot-ticket hole-in-the-walls, and roadside eateries of Hong Kong.


They make a beeline for The Chairman where traditional Chinese food is taken to another level, head their way to Second Draft, “where the chef is the representation of new school Chinese cooking,” Christian says, and get a taste of Hong Kong staples like Char Siu and Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.

“Everything we featured was very true to the culture and the chefs now are quite proud of their culture and using new methods to cook their dishes,” Christian tells Manila Bulletin.

And then they take it up a notch higher: Christian and Ian choose their favorites and then present these food items at pop-ups held in some of the city’s icon locations. Christian would even up with his versions of the dishes, as local celebs and food journalists act as critics.

A Taste of Hong Kong is almost like an homage to the city, showcasing Signature Hong Kong experiences, like tram and ferry rides. “My favorite is bing able to get on the ferry to the middle of the harbor and looking at both sides,” Ian, the world’s most traveled man, says.

“For me it was a way to fall in love with the city again,” Christian says of the experience of showing Ian around his hometown. “We took the tram from one end to the other, and watched Hong Kong go by!That was brilliant. I had never done that. It’s a sense of home…I’m not leaving anymore. It’s my city and I love it.”

And already, we’re on Kayak checking out flights to the city with the best peking duck, streetside waffles, and noodle soups!

A Taste of Hong Kong airs on TLC

Photo: TLC Asia

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