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To celebrate Soy Sauce Day on October 1, the Japan Soy Sauce Association organized a soy sauce cooking contest on September 30.

A total of 75 dishes were presented by non-Japanese nationals and as expected, our adobo ruled them all.

Not the actual winning pork ribs adobo. Photo used only for illustration purposes.

“Clair Ocampo, a Filipino woman living in Saitama Prefecture, won the top prize for her dish. ‘Pork back ribs adobo and banana with burned brown sugar,’ in the eight Soy Sauce Recipe & Story Contest,” reports Japan Times.

According to Ocampo, while the brown sugar and soy sauce brought out the flavor of the pork, it was the hakkaku spice and laurel leaves that gave her dish a most interesting taste.

For good measure, another Filipino, Justin De Jesus, who cooked the “Philippine beef steak with yuzu citrus and soy sauce flavor” shared the silver prize with a Canadian woman.

Photo from Pixilated Crumbs

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