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Barely two weeks since she gave birth to her first born Antonio Primo — 11 days to be exact — and TV personality Iya Villania is back like nothing happened.

Her stitches have healed, she could move a bit already, and most importantly, some of her old pairs of jeans could already fit her.


Her secret? Iya did not stop working out while pregnant. The 30-year-old went out with her regular workouts and outdoor sports. “Now that I’ve successfully gotten through the pregnancy, the delivery, and Primo is healthy, I think what I did was right,” Iya tells Manila Bulletin.

Iya, in fact, believes she recovered pretty quickly because she kept fit during her pregnancy. She did strength and conditioning training as late as her third trimester, and prepared for labor by doing weight training.

“Of course I also got scared,” she admits, saying if anything had happened, she knew people would be quick to play the blame game. But having delivered safely and recovered quickly, she’s quick to point out that it’s all very safe.

On her Instagram account, Iya advocated for working out especially during pregnancy. “Being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re disabled…unless you’re having a high-risk pregnancy, all the more reason you should exercise. It is recommended,” she wrote at one point.

All of a sudden, we’re not sure what bit us: The strong urge to work out or a deep sense of remorse and guilt.

Weight training has always been a staple in my menu of keeping fit! It was the first thing I was consistent with since 2009 and I knew I had to keep on with it after seeing and feeling how I was benefitting from knowing how to utilise and maximise my core 😄 I kept on with it even when I was conditioning myself to become a triathlete and I'm still at it now into my #3rdtrimester as I prepare for labor (with pregnancy appropriate intensity) 😆 With that said, I encourage u guys to find something that makes you feel strong and good about yourself! Never underestimate what endorphins can do for you in life 😆 in other news, #BabyA and I are loving the new #NikeProBra 😆 Love the support and mesh back! 😊 #NikeWomen #CoreTraining #CoreKinesis #HappyPreggo #ActiveBuntis @NikeWomen

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Photo: Iya Villania/Instagram

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