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Mocha Uson should realize how lucky she is.

After a petition to put down the Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page on was drafted, a few journalists — or presstitutes, in Mocha-speak — have been taking time out of their busy schedules in the newsroom and on the field to defend the staunch Duterte supporter.


“You do NOT defeat the cult of fake news and lazy, cynical propaganda by calling for a clampdown on free expression,” Inday Espina-Verona, an editor and writer of the ABS-CBN News Team, wrote on her personal Facebook account. The Facebook status, posted on Monday, October 24, has been shared by her fellow journalists over 400 times.

Ayrie Ching, a writer for Rappler, which has become a favorite target among Duterte supporters, also called on the public to respect Uson’s constitutional right to free speech. “By working so, so hard just to silence Mocha Uson who shares the very same rights you do, you are becoming the very same thing you claim to hate: a fascist, sexist, pseudo-intellectual who can’t even recognize oppression and censorship the way a person can’t find his glasses when he’s clearly holding it in his hand,” a portion of her Facebook Status read.

The petition, which started on Sunday October 23, has quickly gone viral, amassing over 30,000 signatories as of Tuesday morning, October 25. As of this writing, it is only 4,000 signatures away from being acted upon.

On Monday afternoon, Paul Quilet, who initiated the petition, defended his action saying “liberties listed in the Bill of Rights are not absolute.”

Later that evening, Quilet once again updated the petition page on saying his Facebook account has also been reported. A counter-petition has also been filed.

Mocha, meanwhile upped the drama and posted a photo of herself, duct taped-mouth and all saying, “This is what they want, this is their dream, for their truth to be the whole truth. They want to apply freedom of speech only to those they have chosen, while silencing the voice of ordinary people who oppose their view. I say to you, you can take away my blog, you can ban me from all social media platforms, you can take away my freedom; BUT you cannot take away my love for this country, you cannot take away my voice, you cannot take away the voice of ordinary people. We will NOT be silenced!”


We don’t know but, Mocha really should begin to realize how lucky she is. Apart from defending her right to speech, many of these journalists, whom she’s deemed corrupt and “bias,” have also been defending Mocha against those who slut-shame her.

Perhaps the blogger should take this as a wake-up call of sorts? She needs to see that these so-called “bias” journalists are not her enemies. They are not unfair or biased as she’s claiming them to be.

Mocha should also realize that being a “blogger” — not a journalist, as she safely categorizes herself — does not exempt her from doing research. Her Facebook page, where she is quick to make malicious claims that sow discord — has over 4 million followers. We think everybody can agree she needs to be a bit more  responsible with the content she puts out.

Illustration: Madel Crudo


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