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While Trick or Treat and costume parties have been trying to get into the mainstream programming of every Filipino, such activities haven’t exactly risen into pop culture notoriety that family reunions at the cemetery and/or the Magandang Gabi Bayan Kababalaghan special have achieved.


In fact, we’re betting you’ll be spending more time in the cemetery with your family than at the hip Halloween shindig this weekend, because you’re cool like that.

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be doing the following to pass the time:

1. That old magic trick of passing your finger through the candle flame, pretending you’re invincible, as you pray another mystery of the rosary.

2. Playing with melted candle wax, feeling the pain.

3. Making balls out of the candle wax because the pain is beginning to sting.

4. Sitting at the grave of your beloved departed because every inch of grass space has been taken up by tents.

5. Setting up tents because your parents suddenly decided they wanted to stay overnight at the cemetery.

6. Eating suman and taho early in the morning.

7. Eating pancit, barbecue and mamon during lunch.

8. Buying food at Jollibee or Shakey’s or Mcdonalds because you just had lutong bahay and that is a totally different experience.


9. Looking for parking because there is never any parking space left.

10. Playing Pusoy Dos and Tongits like it was nobody’s business.

11. Scaring each other by telling ghost stories.

12. Holding a live sing-along after telling ghost stories because your cousin thankfully remembered to bring a guitar.

13. Playing the Halloween edition of hide-and-seek, or because you’re one of the older ones, playing referee to the younger batch of cousins who decides to play hide-and-seek.

14. Hearing yet another tito proudly tell you that PBA player Olsen Racela was named after All Saint’s Day because surprise, surprise he was born on November 1.

15. Feigning surprise at said tito’s trivia baon even if you’ve heard that one last year — and the year before — because you haven’t seen him since you were 8 and he seems so proud to have impressed the young ones and you can’t bear the thought of breaking his heart.

Illustration: Madel Crudo


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