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This stunt from McDonalds made us hungry more than anything else, TBH.

This photo of a pedestrian crossing in Angono, Rizal has been making the rounds on the Internet, and why wouldn’t it? It’s a clever marketing campaign from McDonald’s, whose French fries is often listed as the best.


There is a hint of public service here, too. Hardly anybody uses pedestrian lanes anymore. And many drivers don’t respect it.

But masked as a large order of French fries, wouldn’t it entice pedestrians to actually use the lane? Wouldn’t you want to run toward it and step on them fries? Drivers will have no choice but to respect this delicious rendering of the french fry!

Alas many people don’t think so. Motoring journalist James Deakin reposted the photo on Facebook, where many of his followers thought it was a bad idea.


“As a motorcycle rider, this is very dangerous. Any experienced motorcycle rider will tell you that paint markings, including lane markings, are very slippery when wet. That’s for two wheels. I avoid lane markings when in wet weather,” goes a portion of a comment in Deakin’s repost.

“As road signs are universal, I think their design and installation should be strictly followed. This is to help educate all motorists and ultimately avoid confusion,” goes another.

FYI, this isn’t the first time McDonald’s pulled this off in the Philippines, or the world for that matter. It’s been done in places like Zurich in Switzerland, where it was lauded for its innovative and creative execution.

If the shares of the photo is any indication, it seems like Filipinos are more amused than not. The photo, posted by Matteo Vines, has been shared 1,780 times.



Photo: Matteo Vines/Facebook

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