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Lo and behold, the most kolehiyala game in this kanto of the world.

Make Tusok The Fishball is a game that will need you to collect the falling pieces of Pinoy street food with a piece of barbecue stick. Essentially, make tusok some fishballs. You aim for the fishball by moving the stick, by tapping on the screen.


But its instructions on Google Play read better: “Hold to make tusok. Release to make balik.”

It’s comparable to Fruit Ninja, except Make Tusok has witty one-liners that will make you laugh. One of its collaterals on the App Store, has this for copy: “Make kolekta all the paninda!” Cute, right?

Miss a fishball and the game is done — but not the fun! “Miss kuya,” it said when we only caught two pieces of street food. When we caught four, it told us to “keep calm and make tusok.” When we caught ten, it told us, “Para sa ekonomiya!” Are you laughing already?

Don’t worry, you can begin the game again until you hit a 100, where another kind of street food is unlocked.

Make Tusok calls itself the “pinaka conyo game in town.” Released last July, the free game is available both on the App Store and Google Play.

So what are you waiting for? Manong fishball isn’t going to wait for you all day, you know?

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