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Facebook is going gaga over this Dunkin Donut life hack, shared by a netizen named Justin Lee.


Justin bought the immensely popular flavor Choco Butternut donut and its munchin equivalent from the Dunkin Donuts SM North Edsa location to see which option will get you more of the Choco Butternut goodness.

The Choco Butternut donut costs P35, five bucks more than a regular donut. According to Justin, the same amount will get you five pieces of the same flavored munchin.

But just when you think you’re getting the same because you paid the same amount, Justin went scientific on us. “I had a hunch that I could get more from the munchins than the donuts. The viral post about the french fries reminded me to do my experiment,” Lee tells MB Life.

He weighed both separately—a piece of donut and five of the munchins—and learned that the munchins outweighed the donut but 17 grams. “That’s 23% more!” he exclaimed.

We reached out to Dunkin Donuts for their reaction but the point person to deal with such an inquiry is currently on field. The friendly person who took our call, BJ, laughed when we asked about it. “Opo, nakita ko nga po sa Facebook yun. Nakakatawa na may time pa talaga siya to do something like this.”

Lee says Dunkin Donuts has yet to reach out to him. “Maybe they’re trying to change the weight of the donut or the munchin? Ha ha,” he teases.

BTW, the Choco Butternut is only Lee’s penultimate flavorite flavor. “Bavarian forever,” he hollers when we asked what his favorite donut variant was.

Photo: Pinterest


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