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Jinggoy Buensuceso recently won the Outstanding Designer of the Year Award by Wallpaper Magazine, and in his current exhibit, Unfamiliar Landscape, it’s easy to see why the young Filipino designer caught the attention of the London-based design rag.

“The diverse nature of the sculpture and paintings that Jinggoy shares in his exhibition is reminiscent of the pioneering spirit espoused by the age of space exploration,” writes Hannah Jo Uy on Manila Bulletin.

A follow-up to Rebellion, Unfamiliar Landscapes features pieces that are made with volcanic sand, metal, cement, wood, and molten aluminium — “to be as close as possible to the look and texture of the universe,” the artist says.

If that sounds a little too highfalutin, allow us to break it down and list the five things that has inspired him to be so:

1. Nature. “As an artist, you have to unplug and go back to your core. Influences from Internet and social media can be confusing and sometimes detrimental to an artist because you may lose your identity,” Jinggoy says, adding that while tasting, smelling and touching the surroundings are important, feeling the ground with their feet makes a difference. It connects them to earth.

2. Singapore. Traveling allowed Jinggoy to expand his visual repertoire. He credits for exposing him “to modern architecture against nature.”

3. New York. In The Big Apple, the artist became exposed to modern art, design, and influences of different cultures. “This highly influences my style of art, which is linear and organic.”

4. The Color Black. For Jinggoy, black is the most beautiful color he knows. Both relaxed and intense, black is his canvas. “I believe that black gives me infinite inspiration,” the artist says. “I feel I’m in my element when I’m surrounded by it. It gives me the freedom to create.” Just an FYI: He refers to his house as…The Black House.

5. The desire to be uncomfortable. Jinggoy would hate it if he turned stagnant. “I want to be uncomfortable, break the rules, and provoke thoughts. This is the only way I feel I’m doing my purposes as an artist,” he says.

Unfamiliar Landscape is on display until Nov 7. Gallery Duemila, 210 Loring, Pasay, Metro Manila. Tel No: +63 2 8339815. 9am-6pm.

Photo: Jinggoy Buensuseco/Instagram

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