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Seems like Quinoa is the gift that keeps on giving.

Apart from an excellent source of plant-base protein, Quinoa also helps out in the skincare department.


During one of its experiments, experts at Keihl’s discovered that Quinoa husks make for an excellent skin exfoliant, so much as that they’ve made it the main ingredient in its Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate.

It’s a new product that stimulates the process of desquamation aka the sloughing off dead skin, and prompting the rise of new skin.

Apparently, skin normally sheds in 28-day cycles. As we age, however, it increases to a 45-day cycles. This is why many folks try chemical peels with their dermatologists.

Instead of the usual barrage of chemicals you get from derma-peels, it uses Quinoa husks as its main ingredient, making it gentle and safe. It doesn’t sting and is paraben-free.

How cool that Quinoa helps us eat better and look better, too?

[H/T Manila Bulletin; Photo: Keihl’s Canada| Twitter]

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