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I’m pretty sure most of you are always (if not seldom) late for class or work. Being the sleep-deprived millennial that you are, you’d love to stay up late hanging out with friends or watching your fave series and movies but will eventually want to look on point every time. So here’s our own version of “I’m gonna be late makeup” makeup tutorial in less than two minutes.

1 Apply moisturizer on your face and let it settle. Then, apply primer to your whole face.

2 Conceal the undereye and spots you’d like to cover. Make a triangular shape under your eyes to even-out the color.

3 Apply face powder. We used a brush for this.

4 Keep your eyebrows on fleek by brushing them upward. Use eyebrow powder or pencil to trace out the shape and fill in your brows.

5 Contour as you wish. We added a bit of a noseline and cheek contour to define your facial features. Apply a darker shade than your skin tone along the jawbone.

6 Blend it well! Even out the darker shades by blending the powder.

Draw a thick line using a liquid eyeliner on your upper lash for dramatic eyes.

You may or may not use a lip pencil to outline the shape of your lips. Doing so will make those pouts look fuller. Fill in with the same shade of lipstick after.

Then you’re good to go! The outside world awaits.

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