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Garage Magazine put out two exciting covers for November, its Social Media issue. There’s hot, young photographer BJ Pascual on one. And then there’s Wil Dasovich, the Fil-Am vlogger on another. You may be wondering why? Well, he boasts of over 27,000,000 views on YouTube. That’s equivalent to 52 cinemas worth of audience every hour in a day. Wild.


If you think that’s preposterous because you’ve never heard of Wil before, well, you probably just don’t remember. He did that awesome video about foreigners speaking Bekinese and then later on, dressed up as Takatak Santa.

Check out this short excerpt of his interview with Garage. It will definitely make you remember him, and maybe even buy the issue, too you’re while at it.

You grew up in California, USA. How was your journey back to the Philippines?
After graduating college in 2013, I decided to travel around Asia for three months. The moment I got to the Philippines, I bought a Filipino language book for beginners and started learning right away.

Back in California, I grew up in a predominantly white community with no Filipinos around. But being half Filipino I became so intrigued with the language and culture; spending entire days and nights reading and memorising words. I, then, made the decision to stay in the Philippines for at least a year, and not leave the country until I was 100 % fluent in Tagalog.

In one of the video blogs of Christian LeBlanc, you mentioned that you’re childhood friends with Zac Efron. And Efron [in his Garage interview] actually he mentioned his best buddy is Filipino. Is this you?
Yes indeed! (Laughs) That’s cool that you interviewed Zac as well! I never would have thought that Zac and I would have shared the same interview in my life!

Your early viral videos were all about learning to speak Tagalog.
This is where I first pondered the idea of creating videos of my ‘turning Filipino’ experience and making a YouTube series out of it while posing the thesis, “Posible ba matuto ng Tagalog sa loob lamang ng isang taon?” Check out my video called “How I Learned Tagalog” to find out about the extreme measures I took to learn! #shamelessplug

Didn’t you model before as well?
But of course. I needed a way to make money to finance my stay and luckily I was presented with a great opportunity. While eating lunch in Greenbelt, I was scouted to be a fashion model. I was excited at the opportunity, tried it out the next day, and ended up making a living from it for the rest of the year.

How did you start your YouTube channel?
I have been writing 10 episodes of The Art of Tagalog series for almost a year and then I finally took the time to film and edit it all together. I stopped modelling and television work altogether to focus on producing videos, hoping that it would all be worth it in the end. With the help of my friends filming and being in some of my videos, I definitely could not have done it without them.

What do you aim to achieve in vlogging?
The most important aspect of any vlog is perspective. A vlog provides someone with a different way of thinking. It lets the viewer look at something or approach an idea in an alternative way—unique from their initial perspective.

I vlog to provide my own personal and unique perspective to share with the viewers. This is holding a positive outlook in life which shows the possibilities of always having fun and keeping things entertaining no matter the situation.

To get more specific, in regards to the Philippines, I do mostly travel vlogging as to showcase the beautiful places in the country along with its unique culture.

More than anything, however, if I can inspire, motivate, and influence people in a positive way, that is where I feel I can make a difference. This is the most fulfilling part about vlogging and YouTube.




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