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Don’t get us wrong: Representative Imee Marcos’ reaction, as captured by Manila Bulletin photographer Ali Vicoy, most definitely takes the cake. Like her family winning the case, she won in this regard, too. Because look: How do you beat that victorious smile?


But anger and heartbreak, nothing can turn a person into a poet like those two can. And yesterday, the Supreme Court’s decision angered quite a lot of people and broke a number of hearts too.

On social media, netizens switched their profile photos to black, a number waxed poetic, and several more wrote long and angry essays on their Facebook Timelines.

Some geeks even took it a step further by repeatedly vandalizing the Libingan ng mga Bayani entry on Google Maps.

Of the angry lot, however, musician Lourd de Veyra and theater actor Audie Gemora said it best. We mean:


Short and sweet, exact and precise. No need for metaphors, no?


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