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Tita Witty’s highly anticipated 2017 planner Ang Alamat Kung Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin And Other Mysteries will be released this month. Hallelujah.

Tita Witty has been producing highly entertaining planners and notebooks for seven years already. This means that for seven years now, they’ve been providing us with unexpected comic relief!

Below are 12 things we may or may not know about the planner that at one point or another saved the day by giving us something to smile about.


1. Two women run the show. It was the brainchild of director Antoinette Jadaone, with her friend from UP, Chinggay Nuque, taking care of operations. “I’m sure you’ve heard of [the story] before,” Chinggay begins. “She texted five friends and apparently, I was the only one who replied. I don’t remember but apparently, I said, ‘I don’t have any money but I can help with the business side.’ Ako yung nag-follow up.”

2. Book designer Karl Castro was their first artist. The amazing Karl Casto, currently art director of Rogue Magazine and a friend to both ladies, designed the first-ever Tita Witty planner. “Our slum book, that’s his idea too,” Chinggay says. He left in 2013, when he felt like he only wanted to make art for himself.

3. It was born out of discontent. In 2009, Antoinette was a production assistant and Chinggay was a brand manager. “Not to sound like she was ungrateful, but parang she felt that her creativity wasn’t being harnessed at that time. And then all these planners—why did you have to pay so much?! Eighteen stickers to get you one. That sparked an idea,” said Chinggay. They debuted the I was supposed to get the coffee house planner but I got fat/broke on my 10th, in 2010.

4. There was no Tita Witty planner in 2012. After dishing out amazingly hilarious planners for two years—2010’s I was supposed to get the coffee house planner and 2011’s Relax, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka—Tita Witty took an unintended break in 2012. “We got so busy in 2011, I remember I transferred jobs and Antoinette was doing Six Degrees with Lilia Cuntapay. That was the year people started asking us, ‘ayaw niyo kumita ng pera?’

5. The 2017 planner is practically one year in the making! They started work on the 2017 planner early as February 2016. Chinggay wrote the content, and Antoinette was her editor. In June, they handed the material to their artist and “late pa rin kami, haha,” Chingay laughs. It’s a stark difference from the cram jam show of the 2016 planner. “Nung July 2015, bigla na lang sinabi ni Tonette na hindi niya masusulat. Panic kami.”

The 2017 Tita Witty Planner
The 2017 Tita Witty Planner

6. They didn’t intend for it to be a business. In 2012, Chinggay decided to quit her corporate job. “Wala na akong sweldo so kailangan ko na [karirin ito],” she explains. Soon after, they produced the slum book and a line of notebooks to supplement the planner.

7. The theme for 2016’s Papayat Ka Rin at Dudurugin Sila Planner came from a social media post that became viral. “It was actually a horoscope bit for one of the old planners. We made it into an e-card and posted and sobrang naging viral. Sabi ko kay Tonette, parang ito dapat yung pang next year,” Chinggay says.

8. They don’t like using other people’s expression. Notice Tita Witty, in all her social media posts, has never uttered pak ganern, boom panes, and the like. “If you read Tita Witty, sa kanya galing yung humor ‘di ba? So if we use, for example, Vice Ganda’s expressions, hindi na kay Tita Witty yun.”

9. It has to be Pinoy humor. Or, UP humor, as Chinggay calls it. “We’re very conscious about that. And we’re very proud too, that kami ang unang Tagalog planner.”

10. But it’s really about the life’s hard choices. According to Chinggay, the joke isn’t so much about being fat, as it is about losing weight. It isn’t so much about being broken hearted as it is about learning how to move on. It’s about the struggle: choosing a salad over a donut, getting up and jogging in the morning instead of sleeping in. “Mas madali tamarin ‘di ba, so yun yung ginagawa naming [joke].”

11. Their customers play a big role in product development. The wedding guest book, Chinggay says, was a customer’s idea. “Ang dami bigla nagsabi sa min na ginagamit nila yung slum book for weddings so sabi namin, okay, gawa tayo,” Chinggay says.

12. The original name of the brand is Witty Will Save the World. And it only changed to Tita Witty a few years ago, thanks again to Antoinette Jadaone. “Kahit marketing person ako, hindi ko naisip na it was better to make your brand into a person. Si Tonette yung may idea gawing Tita Witty,” admits Chinggay.

Header image: Madel Crudo

Visit the Tita Witty online store to grab a copy of the 2017 Planner!

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