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Mars Ravelo created superheroes like Darna, Captain Barbell, Dyesebel, and Lastikman. With all that he’s accomplished—over 500 works of komiks—we might as well call him a hero, too!


He would’ve been 100 years old this year. And so to commemorate, here is a list of things we really should know about the brilliant man by now:

1. Marcial Ravelo is his full name name.

2. He was a libra. He was born on October 9, 1916.

3. He was a Caviteño. He spent most of his childhood in his hometown General Trias. His student years however were mostly spent in Manila.

4. He was a high school drop out. Restless inside the classroom, Mars would often cut classes to hang out in the library. On his sophomore year in highschool, he decided he’s had enough. He dropped out.

5. It was Tony Velasquez who influenced and encouraged him to try his hand in comics.

6. Bemboy, published in 1939, was Mars Ravelo’s first published comic series.

7. In 1945, Mars applied as a cartoonist at Ace Publication. He showed him Rita, one of his first original cartoons. He was rejected.

8. Bulaklak magazine hired Mars on the spot when the young cartoonist barged into Bulaklak publisher Doña Bating Guballa’s office, with Rita in tow. It turned out to be a great hire. In Bulaklak, Mars started to make a name for himself.

Captain Barbell

9. Mars eventually caught the attention of Don Ramon Roces, owner of Ace Publication, who realized their mistake. They took Mars in.

10. The first issue of Darna came out on May 17 1950, published by Ace.

11. In the ‘60s, the cartoonist put up his own Publishing House RAR, which printed more own line of comics. Because of the economy and his health, it eventually closed down in the ‘80s.

12. He died on September 12, 1988, a year after he suffered a stroke.

[H/T Manila Bulletin; Inset Photo: Video48]

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