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Who knew Metro Manila was so trashy? Below are three glaringly stinky truths about Metro Manila trash we picked up from Samantha Nicole Alarilla’s story on Manila Bulletin today.


1. Metro Manila produces 8,400- 8,600 tons of trash every single day. That’s ¼ of the country’s entire solid waste.

2. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says each resident of Metro Manila produces about 0.7 kilograms of waste a day. That translates to 130 percent higher than the global average of 0.3 kilograms per person a day.

3. About two thirds of household waste in Metro Manila can actually be turned into compost, which can help you make your gardens become better.

We thought to highlight the three ugly facts because it really is time to do more than just to throw trash away. We mean, things find a way back to the environment. By throwing them away, you only create the illusion of a cleaner space.

So try to reduce demand instead. Adopting the reuse and recycle mindset, or try to make a compost pile, even.

Illustration: Madel Crudo

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