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For the woman-in-action individual that you are, looking good after office hours for events is a must. So we decided to make an instructional makeup video showing our “office-to-events” makeup.

*Note: We also played around with pink hues, part of Pantone’s colors of 2016.

1) Put on foundation. Dab on some concealer. Smooth on face powder.

2) Apply pink eyeshadow on the entire lid. Sweep a light gold color over it to the brow bone. For contour, put some lilac shade from the center to the outer lid. Blend.

3) Smudge eyeliner on the outer lower eye for emphasis.

4) Dust brow with a light brown tint to fix patches. Trace a thin line on the bridge of your nose going downwards.

5) Brush bronzer powder below your cheekbones to accentuate your facial bone structure. Bring your brush to the nose to blend your nose line. Dab a pinkish tint/blusher on your cheeks. Blend with the bronzer.

6) Line your lips with a pencil closest to the lip color you’ll wear. Fill in the lips with your lipstick. Dot a pink-hued gloss on your lower lip and smack to blend.

7) For a more dramatic effect, line your upper lid with liquid/cream eyeliner. Dust face with loose/compact powder. Voila! You’re all set to go!

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