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Where beauty queens are often portrayed giddy and head strong, champions of world peace that they are, it’s comforting to hear Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa talk about frailties and personal struggles.


In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin published on Sunday, November 20, the 24-year-old beauty queen confessed to a six-month bout with depression four years ago.

“[It’s] a real problem, not just a phase,” she says, adding it happened to her after college, while working as a model. “I wasn’t happy where I was. It just happens. Probably I was overthinking. You question yourself, your career, relationships, a mix of everything. No one really knows the exact cause of it,” she says. It got so bad that she even questioned her existence.

While she thought she was just sad, the Natasha Gouldbourn Foundation helped her realize depression was a real problem. She also sought the help of a psychiatrist, who diagnosed her as “clinically depressed.”

Instead of taking medication—she hated how they made her feel like a vegetable—Kylie turned to counseling and talked her feelings and problems away.

Talking about the problem and making them realize it’s a lingering illness are just two of the things she pushes forward now, that she is an advocate against depression.

She emphasizes the depression is a recurring problem and that people living with it should help and love themselves every single day.

If you feel you have depression or know someone who does, perhaps it’s best to talk it out with a friend. If that’s a little too much, you can call the Hope Line at +632 8044673.

Photo: Monica Panteleon

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