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Twenty-two-year-old Noelle Capili has had enough of revisionists, apologists, and trolls who keep insisting kids can’t take part in the rallies because they weren’t alive yet during Martial Law.


So tinumbok ko sila doon sa [tweets] na Harry and his friends being temperamental brats dahil nag-protest at lumaban sila against authority at sa mga powerful,” Noelle tells MB Life over email.

The clarity of her comparison with the beloved wizard proved to be genius. Noelle’s Harry Potter tweets exploded on social media and quickly became viral. We got in touch with the millennial, who yet again proved all is not lost.

Comparing Harry Potter and friends with millennials who are rallying against Marcos’ burial is a great way to make people understand. How did you come up with that?
Actually, it was just a random thought. I was just taking a bath, then ayun. I was trying to imagine, what if sa world nina Harry Potter, merong mga trolls and apologists na maka-Voldermort who were trying to revise their history. Yun lang talaga. Sobrang eureka moment for me. Eh on my Twitter, sobrang random ko lang mag-tweet so nagulat ako na sumabog siya and nag-crossover na rin sa Facebook.

Were you directing it to anyone in particular—to kids so they can understand the issues better? Or were you talking to adults, who keep saying kids have no right to be a part of the rallies?
It’s directed to both, pero ang main focus ko talaga are my fellow millennials, naks. I wanted to simplify, or make it more familiar to them, yung tipong ma-ge-gets nila kaagad, na tipong they won’t feel disconnected. Then sakto, Harry Potter. Alam naman natin yung nangyari doon. Parang yung generation natin, nasubaybayan yung adventures niya, so I connected it na lang sa issue ngayon.

For the elders naman, ‘di ba laging bukambibig nila ngayon sa youth, bakit di na lang mag-aral, they were not even born nung Martial Law era, manahimik na lang. So tinumbok ko sila doon sa part na Harry and his friends being temperamental brats dahil nag-protest at lumaban sila against authority and sa powerful. (‘Di na lang kasi mag-aral ng spells eh! Sinira pa Hogwarts! *joke lang*)

How is the internet treating you? Any trolls spewing hatred your way?
Madami ang natuwa and may isang nag-comment na “Happy to know that our future is in good hands.” My HS Teachers are proud of me kasi I have a stand about this [and I found] a narrative na very simple and madami makakagets. Madami din naman Potterheads na natuwa.

Yung trolls naman, nag-re-reply ako if kailangan pero pag mema lang, never mind na. Ha-ha! Worst na siguro sa akin yung nagsasabing hindi ko alam yung Harry Potter. Like guuurrllll~ will I post it ba if I don’t know the story? ALSO, I have this feeling Slytherin (my House) was rewarded  10000 points because of my post. Ha-ha!

If I may, favorite ko yung Rita Skeeter reference. Sobrang right on kasi siya, ha-ha!

What do you hope your tweet will accomplish?
I hope mas madami ang maka-understand [ng issues given] yung reference ko. Sana mas maging curious sila sa kung ano talaga ang nangyari. Tipong, “ay bakit pinost niya yun? Check ko nga yung facts” mapa-Harry Potter or mapa-Martial Law man yan. Kasi ‘di ba once na ma-curious ka sa isang bagay, tuloy-tuloy na ‘yan?

Aren’t people requesting you make something similar using Hunger Games? Can we expect that in the near future?
Unfortunately, hindi. Ha-ha! Hindi ko kasi nasubaybayan yung Hunger Games, but I asked Hunger Games fans on Twitter if keri nilang gawan ng ganun. So far, may mga gumagawa naman! What I tried last night was maging Selina Matias apologist. Remember her? Siya yung tita ni Via sa Mula Sa Puso. (Better look it up, mga bes).

What are your general feelz toward the whole burial?
I feel disappointed and angry and upset. They’re erasing the horrors of Martial Law the moment they approved his burial in LNMB eh. Then last Friday, biglaang burial pa. I felt sad din lalo na sa mga Martial Law survivors, Martial Law victims, and doon sa mga relatives/loved ones ng mga nawala/namatay noong Martial Law.

Will you be participating in any of the planned protests? Were you at EDSA last Friday?
I participated last Friday! I was the bald girl holding the “Temperamental Brats” placard. And yes definitely, I will be at the future rallies. We have to fight for this talaga. Ako before, sobrang apathetic ko sa mga ganito but now…wow. I need to take a stand. I have to take a stand because future natin yung maapektuhan eh.

You were apathetic! What happened? What made you care all of a sudden?
It all started this year lang talaga. Before, I was very scared. Lalo na if mababasa ng relatives ko or ng ibang tao. It all changed with the “mas masahol pa sa hayop” statement of Sen. Pacquiao noong early 2016. Then ayan na nga, during the 2016 elections, mas madaming trolls yung lumalabas online, nag-she-share ng fake news, then that *blog* happened tapos andaming reach. So medyo alarming for me. Mild lang talaga akong mag-tweet about stuff like this pero ngayon, tinotodo ko na. I’m aware din naman na medyo madami akong followers so why not put my ~influence~ into good use. 🙂

Headline photo: Noelle Capili | Instagram


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