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Sangkap is a newly opened restaurant on Captain Javier Street that proudly serves Filipino cuisine.

While the delectable food manages to be familiar and special at the same time—hat tip to Chef Reymar Reyes—it was the restaurant’s desserts that we couldn’t help but do a double take on, or in this case, do two rounds of.


The restaurant boasts of four Filipino food-inspired ice cream flavors. As in: Bicol Express, Champorado, Calamansi, and Palitaw. It also has vanilla for folks who aren’t as adventurous, but come on, where’s the fun in that?

If you’re a conservative diner willing to get your toes wet, the calamansi is a good start. It’s familiar in its citrusy sweetness, almost as safe as vanilla.

The Palitaw and Champorado flavors meanwhile are just another reincarnation of the dishes you’ve known and loved since childhood. Don’t worry, only the form has changed.

The Champorado has actual toasted rice bits folded in the rich chocolate ice cream, making you feel like you were eating frozen champorado. While the Palitaw’s magic comes at the end of a teaspoon—the addition of black sesame revealing and proving itself to be the wunder ingredent.

Champorado, Calamansi, Bicol Express, Palitaw

Of all of Sangkap’s erm, ice cream experiments, it is the Bicol Express that proved to be the biggest revelation. Just when you think you’re safe from the spice and it’s really just coconut ice cream and naming it Bicol Express is just a gimmick, out comes a stark kick at the very end. It’s surprising, refreshing, and pretty good.

Each order is comprised of one scoop and will only cost you P90 a pop.

Portico, Captain Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig. +639175003187. 11am-2pm, 5pm-11pm

Photo: Sangkap | Facebook


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