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Anthony Bourdain once said that length of menu is a good way of telling whether or not the restaurant is any good. A short menu demonstrates focus, while a long one? It’s a clue on how a restaurant might be spreading itself too thinly, which means: quality suffers.


We mention this little piece if trivia because Bucky’s on Don Pedro in Poblacion has a very short and tight menu of savory dishes.

With just has 11 items on the menu—six items in the list of large dishes, four in the small dishes file, and the Swedish Meatballs/Potato Salad singled out as the lone Chef’s Special—Bucky’s may garner a condescending, “ito lang?”from a snooty expectant diner.

Words that such diner will have no choice but to eat deliriously along with whatever s/he may order. The food here is simple but wow, delightfully well-done.

There’s nothing highfalutin or too forward-tasting with Bucky’s food; just—dare we say—comfort food that even backpackers and travelers who’ve come from god-knows-where and are billeted in nearby Z Hostel, will know to be good.


An order of the Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes has two tender pieces of boneless chicken, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and country gravy. It’s peppery, with enough zing, reminding you of good ol’ KFC.

Perhaps being peppery is the reason we can’t seem to detect the roasted garlic in the mashed potatoes, which by the way, is more creamy than chunky. A consistent theme to the dish: Slicing through the twice-fried chicken proved to be the easiest thing in the world. It’s so soft and tender.


We opted to add Ragu to the Baked Ziti and what a good decision it turned out to be. It became a hefty dish that made our dreary Saturday so much better, we could taste how its generous serving of tomato sauce, shredded beef and melted cheddar could make any day better.

We wanted to order the Swedish Meatball/Potato Salad except the wait staff attending to us said it was a little too similar to the Baked Ziti with Ragu. Alas, our pasta craving won, so obviously, there will be a next time. We will need to meet the Swedish Meatball.

Bucky is all five tables cozy; count the two tables al fresco and it’s all seven tables tiny. But you can say the small space is a direct contrast to the big flavors of its dishes. It’s even a bigger contrast to the satisfaction diners can expect and the huge smiles plastered on their faces after.

Of course its non-brownie is ever present, as the soft-serve ice cream that foodies like to describe as “the best in Metro Manila.” But whatever. We’ll be coming back and enduring the lack of parking space for the savory food.

Swedish Meatballs, definitely a must-try at Bucky's! #buckyspoblacion

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Clean eats before the long weekend! #badibowl #buckysnotabrownie #buckyspoblacion

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COMING SOON: The Chicken Parm #buckyspoblacion

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come snack with us this fine Sunday afternoon! 👋🏻 #buckysnotabrownie #buckyspoblacion

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Photos: Bucky’s | Instagram

5666 Don Pedro, Makati. +639178445104. 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm



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