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If there’s one thing you should learn from your tita, it’s that late nights, alcohol and cigarettes always add up.

But we won’t ask you to give those up—you’re never going to get through a hangover the way you do at age 23—but honey, it’s never too young to start caring for your skin.


Perhaps a comprise? Below are six things you can do right now at age 23 for a great skin at 63.

1. Eat good food and drink lots of water. Fruits and vegetables will keep your skin nourished and radiant. Complement that diet with whole grains and lean protein. Don’t forget your eight glasses of water a day—10 when it’s very hot. You’ll want to replenish lost fluids.

2. Don’t be sedentary. Exercise regularly. Walk when you can, or bike, or run, or dance. The point is, exercise helps in flushing away toxins from the body. It enables your body to detoxify naturally. Besides, exercise also increases blood flow and strengthens bones and muscles.

3. Practice proper hygiene, please? Keep your surroundings clean, take a bath everyday, and use products that are gentle and suitable for your skin.

4. Say no to stress. The reason why you’re stressed is you’re trying to do too much, too soon, too fast. Please! You’re not a machine. Strive for moderation in everything you do—even in practicing this list!

5. Wear sunscreen. Please listen—nay believe!—when somebody tells you that prolonged exposure to the sun is damaging to your skin and your overall health. Here’s the beef: Don’t just wear sunscreen on the beach, or when running a marathon. Practice wearing it every single day.

6. Be smart. Make sure medicines, supplements, and beauty aids you choose are beneficial, safe, and doctor-approved. Read labels, consult an expert, and if it stings, know it might not be for you.

7. Do it before bedtime. Not sex, dummy. We mean your beauty regimen. Reparative products are best applied to your skin between 9pm to 3am; it is during these hours that the body is able to absorb everything best. According to Dr. Rodolfo Apostol of the International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences, beyond these hours, absorption isn’t as good.

[Manila Bulletin; Photo:]

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