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Finally, somebody in town is jumping in on the Cheetos bandwagon.


On Saturday, November 26, Taco Bell Philippines will be putting precious pieces of Cheetos crunchy inside its already cheesy quesadilla. And then the fast food will be serving it as the Cheetos quesadilla.

Yes, you read that right: Cheetos as in the highly addicting chips inside an orange bag, best paired with Coca Cola for serious couch potation action.

Cheetos Quesadilla is a one-day-only affair exclusive to the Philippines. It will become available in all Taco Bell outlets in the Philippines from 12 noon onwards on Saturday, November 26.

It will cost you P129 a pop. There’s the P169 combo meal, too, if you feel like having a drink and nachos to go with the cheesy affair.

If you’re not feeling any of this, don’t worry. The regular quesadilla will still be available for you.

Chester Cheetah has taken over #TacoBellPHL and
Guess what is taking over your favorite ...



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