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Is there anything else that the Japanese haven’t thought of? Because really: a museum dedicated to instant ramen is something our brains can’t quite handle.


But there it is: The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum standing tall and proud in the Osaka prefecture city of Ikeda. It is, incidentally, the birthplace of instant noodles.

While the main aim of the museum is to tell the story of how the instant ramen came about, visitors won’t leave without learning the importance of invention, discovery, and perseverance.

The museum—it’s free of door charge by the way—is divided into 11 exhibits and attractions. There is the faithful recreation of the birth of chicken ramen in 1958 inside Momofuku Ando’s small shed. There is the interactive exhibit that follows the life and achievements of Momofuku Ando; the Magic Table where visitors will be quizzed about the instant noodles.


A 13-minute movie screening inside the Cupnoodles Drama Theater, an exhibit showing the worldwide popularization of instant noodles, a section where Momofuku Ando’s awards are displayed; an instant noodle tunnel featuring about 800 product packages, and the museum shop—duh.

But we’d say the heart of the museum is located in three of the 11 exhibits: at the chicken ramen factory in the second floor, where guests can experience making chicken ramen; in the tasting room where about 30 product, including limited editions, are sold.


And finally, in the My Cupnoodles factory where guests can create his original chicken ramen—from packaging to the ramen itself. While the museum is free of charge, here’ you’ll need to cough out 300 yen for each cupnoodle.

Cool isn’t it? Watch the video below for pure immersion!

[PHOTOS: Jayvee Fernandez]


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