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Millennials yet again took the lead at yesterday’s anti-Marcos Libingan ng mga Bayani burial at Luneta.

It started slowly at 3pm, with pro-Marcos and pro-Duterte demonstrators also turning up. But while the latter’s number remained at a very modest level 30, the angry anti-Marcos burial crowd ballooned to a reported 14,000-strong.

It reached a heart-warming climax when the youth raised their fists, lit-up mobile phones in tow, showing they are indeed the light in these very dark times.

The kids who held up mind-boggling and highly entertaining placards like “deez nuts” from the previous Friday’s protest at the People Power Monument were back for the Luneta rally, stronger and wittier.

Below are just some of the super on-point signages from last Friday that totally conveyed the youth’s anger and wit.

[H/T: Temperamental Brat | Twitter]


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