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Reese Lansangan just released the video of “Grammar Nazi” and let us tell you: It’s so cute! Wes Anderson-inspired, if we may, the video features quirky Girl Scout uniforms, perfect symmetry in the video’s many frames, and cool in-time choreography of movements.


But the grammar lessons inserted in the easy groove of the song have got to be best thing about the 5:35 minute-long video.

Reese Lansangan clarifies there is no plural for furniture and it’s stuff—not stuffs. She also clarifies the difference between “too,” “to,” and “two,” as well as the difference between “your” and “you’re.” For good measure, she included basic rules on possessive forms and subject verb agreements.

We can go on listing down its merits, but that’s a disservice. We suggest you watch the video, get entertained, and yes brush up on your grammar.


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