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A day after the world found out of the new low that Baron Geisler has set for himself, hit a new low. Bubog director Arlyn dela Cruz posted yet another clarification—the last time she said she’ll comment on the incident—saying no. She did not give any permission whatsoever to Baron to do what he did.


“I did not give any permission to Baron para iihian si Ping, Hindi iyon ang eksena. Wala sa script, walang instruction. His character, the temper and demeanor was explained to him. He told Ping, seconds before take, may gagawin ako, wag ka magagalit. Direk may gagawin ako, may nadinig kami sampal. Akala namin iyon na yun,” Arlyn clarified.

Addressing Baron, Arlyn added: “You crossed the line. A sincere apology without excuses is how true men handle this kind of situation.”

On Monday evening, actor Ping Medina related on Facebook how Baron Geisler urinated on him while filming Bubog. He didn’t hold back on his rage, pleading to the big bosses of the network not to hire Baron in any of their future projects.

Baron, on his part, issued a two-part explanation on Facebook. He first blamed Direk Arlyn for “trying to do a Brillante Mendoza” and for not asking him what it was he wanted to do. On his second statement, Baron berated people who were quick to judge. “Picture ni ping with da pakyu sign?? So low. Lalo na sa mga naniniwala agad. Inspect.. know the truth. Wag mag judge agad,” he said.


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