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We’re not gonna lie: The news has been getting us real down lately. Apart from our utter disappointment with the turn of events (*cough* Libingan ng mga Bayani burial *cough*), our angry President cussing out at every opportunity he gets is becoming terribly, terribly depressing.

And so behold: Duterte Holding Things on Tumblr. It’s a new account—just 10 photos in, as of this writing—featuring edited photos of our dear President Rodrigo Duterte, well, holding things. We mean:


The first ever photo features DU30 and squad holding up the now-familiar fist pose, except with a bag carefully edited between his fingers so that President Duterte looks like he’s holding up a bag. The caption is equally hilarious: “That may not have been a fist but an invisible handbag.”


Funny, right? Don’t worry, it’s not all bags he’s holding up.

In another photo, the President is depicted with arms wide open and palms upfront. With a pen edited to fit in one hand, and a pineapple in another…okay is the song ear-worming you as well?

You know what’s the best part about all this? It’s crowd-sourced. Meaning, you can participate in the funnies and submit your own!

It’s not quite trolling, we don’t think—there’s no ill-intent, no malice, just a really funny and harmless way to deal with the blues, IMHO.

We got in touch with the account owner who said it’s not a political project. Just good old fun. In the meantime, how about we submit to Duterte Holding Things to deal with our issues instead of say, turning alcoholic, lashing out at our colleagues, or God forbid, using drugs. Because, mygahd, we know who hates dragz.  Submit here!

Photo: Duterte Holding Things | Tumblr


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