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Perhaps you’ve seen it as you traverse Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong, standing tall and proud and busy as ever. Perhaps you’ve seen it on social media, as you navigate for home design inspirations, their recent pop-up bazaars creating a lively buzz on its own. Or you’ve heard sassy friends rave about yet another amazing deal they’ve scored at…HMR.


HMR Trading Haus has been trading in surplus since 1992. It is linked to a strong international supply network of trading organizations and businesses known to buy anything and everything. And so it’s no wonder HMR is stocked with a ton load of imported quality goods at low prices; think excess, over production, and shelf pulls from leading retail stores.

We’re talking about surplus; branded, quality items from Australia, US and the whole continent of Europe. We’re talking Grade A pre-loved items, such as when Hotel Intercon closed and they sold all their furniture at HMR. We’re talking a grand scale of things: Toys, home and office furniture, hardware tools, construction materials, telecom equipment, clothes even—and that’s just for starters.

As soon as you enter HMR, you will hear everything calling out for you to “buy me! Pick me! I’m great! I’m cheap!” It can feel a bit overwhelming but don’t worry. You’ll soon realize that HMR’s displays have been designed like most department stores: for easy and orderly viewing. At HMR Pioneer, three loaded floors of goodies await you.

On the ground floor, you’ll be greeted with their latest products. There’s a solar-powered outdoor lamp for just P495, Christmas decors that start at P90, and even a juicer that’s been put on a buy-1-take-1 promo at P595.

Further in, you’ll find stuff for dads, brothers, and boyfriends: audio and video appliances, gardening tools, industrial equipment, spare parts, gym and sporting equipment, tech bay, a key duplication booth, and even a restaurant called Tasty Tucker that serves delicious pies.

There’s so much stuff in here and at great prices too: Northcrest outdoor gas fireplace at less than P8,000, a Gold’s Gym workout bench set for P9,995, a rope stand hammock below P5,000, a steel frame gazebo patio for P29,995, and vacuum cleaners that start at P995.


The trick to shopping at a place like HMR is to prepare for the unexpected. If you think you can come here to window-shop or simply to canvass, you’re wrong. You cannot afford to do such things at HMR. Cross that: it’s impossible to do such things at HMR. I repeat, it’s impossible for you not to be lugging around a brand new floor lamp from New York or a newly assembled media cabinet from Spain even after just the first visit.

On the second floor, you will find all the fantastic home furniture shipped from abroad. It is here where first-time home owners will go crazy: wall mirrors for P6,995, area rugs at 50 percent off, love seats for P5,995 each, and queen sized bed frames for less than 20 grand. It is here where I found the aforementioned Intercon goodies and I died a little.

By the time you get to the third floor, where office furniture and industrial pieces could be found, you and your wallet will have been nicely spent. Which is a shame because there are still pretty cool deals here: a 15-door padlock type lockers for P12,995, leather executive office chairs at P6,995, and decent white steel cabinets retailing at P4,995 each.

All the pieces in HMR Trading Haus are one-of-a-kind. So if you like something, be sure to purchase it or have it reserved with one of their friendly attendants. You will have until the end of the day to claim it. Here’s an insider tip for you: Always ask for a discount on every item. The price tags aren’t always the final amount so it’s best to ask their sales attendants for discount.

Here’s where it gets better: HMR actually has a Viber chat room where shoppers rendered paralyzed by the December traffic situation can do their mobile shopping. It is here that HMR religiously updates their customers when they’ve stocked up on something new, tickling shoppers anew.

As for me, such Viber notifications serve as my alarm clock to get dressed and get going. Another pilgrimage to HMR is underway.

HMR is located at Pioneer, Adriatico, Araneta, Ever Commonwealth, Market! Market!, Novaliches, and many more. Visit their website for more information:


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