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And so it’s begun, all the parties and the dinners and the gatherings and the reunions are filling your social calendar the way your thighs are filling in your gaucho pants and your tummy overflowing out of your jeans.

But you don’t have to surrender without a fight, just like that. Below are a few things you can do now so that you won’t double your size come January.


1. Get some sleep. Between staying up late for parties and the Simbang Gabi novena, you’ll lose sleep, which will elevate the hormones gherlin in your body, which will increase your appetite to provide you with more energy to last you another round of the same. So, do yourself a favor: get some sleep. Pick your battles parties, and choose which one to attend. Or, if you’re only attending Simbang Gabi because of all the pretty young things in attendance, well, you know what to do.

2. Relax. Don’t get stressed with the traffic situation or the fact that you have about 70 percent of your shopping list to conquer. Stress will get your body to produce more cortisol, which promotes muscle breakdown and makes your body store fat in the abdominal area. It increases production of cholesterol, which, with all the lechon you’re having this year, you won’t really need help with. So, a friendly reminder: It’s Christmas. You’re supposed to be enjoying it.

3. Drink water. With all the extra delicious food you’ll be consuming this season, your sodium intake is sure to go up, which will dehydrate your body. That’s not mentioning all the alcoholic drinks you’ll be allowing yourself this season, adding to the dehydration. Dehydration will have your body working overtime to hold water, which will make you bloat like a pregnant woman ready to give birth.

4. Wear your activity trackers. With all the activities surrounding the season, it’s so tempting to sit yourself down, go on a movie marathon and then spend copious amounts of time stalking on social media. Please don’t. Do yourself a favor and wear your fitbit or whatever else activity tracker you prefer so you don’t lose yourself doing nothing. Besides, you’ll have to try and burn all the calories you’ll be putting in your body.

5. Eat your veggies. Just because the Lord has born, doesn’t mean you’ll ignore your veggies and go full speed ahead to eating all the delicious meat and all the sweet goodies your way. How about you accompany your steak with those buttered veggies, and have some fruitcake and fruit salad to wash the oily lechon with? These small measures can help delay the absorption of sugar in your blood and help decrease ad cholesterol in your body.

[H/T Manila Bulletin; Art: Madel Crudo]


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