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Looks like the almighty Facebook is strengthening its sticker game.

On the social media channel, Facebook Stickers posted a call-out to artists willing and able to create and contribute sticker packs to the social media giant.


“Email your art portfolio and contact information to stickers [at] fb [dot] com. Please include “stickers art submission” in the subject line,” a portion of the call-out read.

We’re thinking this is especially targeted to young artists and illustrators looking to build their portfolio—we can imagine just how handsome Facebook Stickers will look like in your CV.

In case you haven’t discovered, Facebook has joined the likes of Viber and Line in allowing its users to communicate non-verbally, i.e. via stickers. In the comment field box, clicking the happy emoji will allow you to post a sticker as a comment or reply, or even as a snazzy addition to your verbal commentary.

Among the super popular Facebook stickers are Bigs and Yeti, mythical creatures who’re often included in Facebook collaterals such as the ongoing year in review videos; Pusheen the Cat and its many variations; Boo and Buddy, two awfully cute dogs that prove to be great sticker material; and Pricky Pear, the cactus that likes poetry, fishing, and baked goods.

So what are you waiting for. Take the weekend to put your pen to your paper, draw, refine, and then submit! Check out the Facebook Stickers page for inspo.

Good luck!



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