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In June, we learned that Erik Matti’s 2013 film On The Job will be translated into a six-part mini series by Globe Studios and video streaming service, Hooq.


It was ho-hum news, until we saw the trailer over the weekend, and oh my goodness. We watched and rewatched until Saturday turned to Sunday turned to Monday.

IMHO, Globe and Hooq got it right, down to the bone. It will stream in five Asian territories—India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines—but we’re betting our lunch money the series will have a most chilling effect on us.

Less than four minutes long, the riveting trailer showcases fictional extra-judicial killing plot lines and a photo of a jam-packed jail that simmered two seconds too long.

In case you don’t feel like a Monday, join us as we watch it of the nth time below:


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