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So the National Commission for Culture and the Arts is releasing a beautiful Metropolitan Theater coloring book for adults.


With 80 illustrations and 20 archival images, the coloring book aims to tell the complete story of the beautiful Art Deco building designed by Juan Arellano, which stands on Padre Burgos Avenue in Manila.

Architect Gerard Lico is at the helm of the project that was illustrated by Eduardo Bustamante and Mary Rajelyn Bustamante.

According to social media posts, the coloring book will become available on December 14, 2016.

Sounds like a cool gift to give this Christmas, right? Wrong.

We called the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and learned that the much-awaited coloring book isn’t for sale—at least not yet. There are only 3,000 copies because they only intended to give it as a thank you gift to volunteers who helped in its year-old restoration initiative.

“It’s really just a giveaway,” says Niño Eradico of the Met.

But he gives us a tip on how we can score a copy: Go to the party that The Met will be throwing on December 14. That’s when they’ll be distributing the coloring book to the volunteers. “The party is actually open to the public,” Niño encourages. “Come by around 5pm and may be you can get a copy.”

We asked if The Met intended to sell the coloring book since the interest has remained high, but so far no updates have been cascaded to the office. Perhaps after the party, when the demand is still there, they’ll reconsider.

Watch the video below and join the clamor:

14.12.16 🙂 🙂 MET Coloring Book

Posted by METamorphosis on Friday, December 9, 2016

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