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Two weeks later, and we’re still laughing from—and rewatching—Bubble Gang’s spoof of Up Dharma Down’s “Tadhana.”

The longest-running comedy skit show Bubble Gang had Michael V dressed up as Army Anyare, called the band Ay Karma Yan, and renamed the song “Tadyakan.”


It was so funny that even UDD lead vocalist Armi Millare reacted on social media, saying it had her mother laughing so hard.

Lest we forget: Michael V is a genius. And Bubble Gang, of which he is the creative head, has been doing these music video spoofs since 2005. Uh huh, 11 years and counting!

Below are our favorite five:

1. Takubets by Eh Gago. In 2008, Bubble Gang spoofed Imago’s joyful “Taralets,” with Bitoy playing Aia de Leon. As the title suggests, it’s a hilarious take on LBM.

2. Isaw Nga by Shout Boarders. Look at Bitoy’s face as he channels Jay Durias’ typical R&B sexy lover boy vocalist stance and try not to laugh. With that bonnet framing his face as he longingly glances at the isaw, it’s next to impossible. Or scrap that: It’s impossible.

3. Chaka Nya by Churang Cuneta. In the opening seconds of the music video, viewers will see Michael V doing the Sharon Cuneta pose, two hands on his face and already, we’re rolling in laughter. Never mind the slapstick comedy of Diego Liroco or knowing the song he is trying to spoof. (It’s “Sa Kanya” if you really want to know.)

4. Wag Na Wag by Kitchie Na Day. Michael V mimicking angry girl rocker Kitchie Nadal—messy ponytail and all—is insane. Eleven years on, we’re just about ready to say Bitoy is the best spoofing “serious” women.

5. Kung Kailangan mo Bato by Rey Bolero. Michael V’s rendition of Rey Valera’s “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako” has actually caught on and become an easy joke—at least back when pharmaceuticals was something people can still make fun of. While these days, you’re better off mimicking the president’s “my gahd. I hate drags” statement, it doesn’t erase the fact that Michael V’s spoof is comedy gold. And one that we can make use of in these dark and grim days.

And because you reached all the way to the end of the article, here’s the video that inspired the list:




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