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There are many parties and get-togethers this Christmas, but when all is settled in, you’d usually congregate with your nearest and dearest for the most low-key and down-to-earth celebration. Enter Oishi’s World of O Wow! Bag.


The nearest thing we could compare the Wow! Bag to is Munchies—that imported brand of snack mix from Fritolay that puts together a variety of brands in one bag.

Except, that comparison is not quite accurate. Why? Because Oishi does it on a much larger scale: instead of various bits and pieces of chips inside a bag ala Mucnhies, small packets of several brands of snacks, and from different parts of Asia, too are what you’ll find inside it.

So there’s Suky-Suky from Indonesia, Tomati from Vietnam, Makado and O-pa-la from Thailand, Potato Chips Baby Back Ribs and Whits Original from China, and several awesome goodies from the Philippines.

The thing with it though it, no Wow Bag is the same. Oishi puts a disclaimer saying contents may and will vary in each Wow Bag.

Which is all good, we think. Such surprise is only the beginning, especially for the low-key events that’s going to come up between Christmas and New Year.

Below is a list of fun things you can do with the Wow Bag:

1. Play a drinking game: Guess the contents of the bag. All of you make a guess on which brands are included inside the bag. If the bag doesn’t contain your answer, you get a shot.

2. Play another drinking game: Guess where the snacks are from. Wrong guess, the person to the left of you drinks. The right one, the person to the right of you takes the shot.

3. Have a blind test as a game. Blindfold a person, have him/her sample the contents of a bag, and guess which brand it was. A wrong guess gets him/her a shot, a right one allows the blindfolded person to pinpoint the next victim.

4. Have another blind test as a game. This time, guessing where the snack is from. A wrong guess gets him/her a shot, a right one allows the blindfolded person to pinpoint the next victim.

5. Have a screening party. And then have an  Oishi bag ready. We say it’s better than instead of popcorn because there’s more variety and less chances of the snacks turning chewy.

6. Go on a drive-by and spread some Christmas cheer. How about you buy a couple of these bags, go on a drive-by and distribute the packets to street children? If a Wow! Bag is at P93 and each bag contains, say about 10 packets of snacks, a bag feeds 10 kids right away. Not too bad, no?


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