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The holidays are here and social gatherings are upon us. There’s no way you’ll be able to bake your most requested lemon squares to bring for the potluck party, and there’s no way your mother will cook her roast chicken for you and your friends. Sure you can order from your favorite home kitchen, but to pick them up and transport all the way to the party? What a joke.


Enter Pinác. It’s a Filipino restaurant in UP Town Center that delivers party trays straight to the party. It’s a cramjammer’s dream come true, too because there is no lead time required. You can order at 10am using the TwoOne Delivery service (212-2121) and have it delivered at 7pm that same day.

Because they’re Filipino dish—and lawd knows how tedious Filipino food is—and they serve 12-15 folks, your friends won’t know it’s a last-minute thing from you. Nifty, isn’t it?

Below, we pick our favorites.

1. Overloaded Pinoy Paella with Bagnet (P1250)


This showstopper is a full meal in itself. The Paella in itself is perfect: generous servings of tender squid, fresh shrimp, and Filipino chorizo, with the rice absorbing everything that is good. But then Piñac tops it off with Bagnet! We die.

2. Lengua with Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Vegetables (1850)


This dish is a real crowd pleaser! The Spanish–Filipino dish made of beef tongue and mushrooms has the perfect balance of red wine and a creamy mushroom sauce that goes amazingly well with the mashed potatoes at the bottom. For people who don’t normally go for rice in potluck settings, this is the perfect duo!

3. Pork Embutido with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes (P1550)


Nothing says Filipino Christmas better than a plate of Embutido on the table. This Filipino meatloaf is hearty and full of holiday cheer with a side of gravy.

4. Crispy Pata (P650)


You’re bringing Crispy Pata to the potluck? Your friends will love you forever. But a better news: You can actually order and have it delivered frozen for later enjoyment—as in three days-later type of enjoyment, if you’re thinking of giving it as a gift, or you know, a gift for yourself.

Pinác, 2/F UP Town Center, Quezon City. +632 9585335, +63917 8032150


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