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Today proves there is such a thing as perfect timing. Witness: It’s ten days to go before Christmas. It’s payday today. Aaand, today is the start of Converse’s Megasale.


Uh-huh it’s the beginning of Converse’s three-day megasale at SM Megamall B Megatrade Hall 3. You can avail of up to 60 percent off on those Chuck Taylors, Converse jackets, caps, shirts, what-have-you.

The Converse crew will be there until Dec 18, in case you need to “think about it,” which if we may, you really shouldn’t anymore. You’ve got cash to burn, there are lovely items to be had, plus huge, huge discounts.

Now, if you’re like us, we’re betting there’s only one person left on your shopping list: yourself.

We say, treat yourself and buy a pair, or three.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Photos: Converse | Facebook



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