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There is more to Saving Sally beyond the fact that it took 10 years to make. We scoured the internet and learn five interesting facts about the movie that just got an A rating from the MTRCB. We’ve listed them below.


1. Anna Larucea was the original Sally. Remember the child actress? Yeah, it was supposed to be her. They finished the shoot and all, but was put on hold because of lack of funding. According to ABS-CBN, when French producer Alain de la Mata stepped in in 2010, they had to reshoot the whole movie. Larucea was no longer available. They held an audition, out of which came Rhian Ramos.

2. TJ Trinidad played more than just the film’s villain. He actually had a hand in Rhian Ramos coming in. According to Alex Brosas’s article in Manila Bulletin, Rhian audition for the role upon learning about it through TJ Trinidad.

3. It started as a short story. Writer Charlene Sawit-Esguerra shared on her blog that Saving Sally’s original title was Monster Town. It was director Avid Liongorien who decided it would make a fun movie. And so in 2005, they did, treating it like a hobby, doing it during their spare time.

4. Lots of artists came to help. Among them were Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah creator Carlo Vergara, Filipino comic gods Arnold Arre and Gerry Gerry Alanguilan, as well as illustrators Apol Sta. Maria and Manix Abrera just to name a few.

5. Enzo Marcos almost didn’t audition. According to Charlene’s blog entry, first-time actor “almost didn’t audition because he was hung over.” Lol

Here’s another look at the trailer, in case you wanna watch Saving Sally already. There’s still 10 days to go. Sigh.


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