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First off, we’re happy to see Facebook back to its old superficial self, arguing about inane and silly things. Would it be too much to ask for more cat photos and dog videos in the near future?

Along side the president admitting to killing drug suspects, the big news that got people talking yesterday was this mathematical problem. Is the answer 9 or 1?


It was a pleasure reading your comments, dear readers, fighting for your answers as though your life depended on it, and sharing the link on your respective walls complete with more explanation. It was all lovely to ehold.

But you guys pretty much solved it yourself. Among the brilliant minds who participated in the ‘great debate’ was reader Manny Uy who first pointed out in the comment section that the problem didn’t really ask for a solution. Why? Because there wasn’t an equal sign to begin with.

math-reactionThe absence of the equal sign was what got them geniuses out of the woods and participating in the “debate” actually.

Several readers corrected us and said it can’t even be considered an equation, as we called it in our headline, because there wasn’t an equal sign.




We apologize for that, BTW. Now we know that without an equal sign, it’s a mere mathematical, ehem,  expression.

Goodness, doesn’t it feel like that day in History class when you learned about Alexander the Great solving the Gordian Knot conundrum by simply slicing the knot in half?

Yeah, we’re counting the days to Christmas.


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